About Us

Our voice biometrics solutions are trusted by industry leaders to prevent identity theft, protect access to business and consumer applications, and deliver a more enjoyable user authentication experience.

Who We Are

Fortune Global 500 organizations rely on our over 10 years of voice biometrics authentication experience and successful track record to securely and remotely verify the identity of their users. We are ISO 9001 and Common Criteria certified for the delivery of quality voice biometric solutions consulting, solution deployments, and customer support.
Our voice-based identity verification solutions are used by banks, insurance companies, call centers, hospitals, and telcos across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. VoiceTrust is owned by Dutch private equity firm Ramphastos Investments and headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in the USA, Germany, Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We measure ourselves by the success of our clients. We use our global presence to support customers operating in multiple geographies as one team. We work at all levels with our clients to meet their most challenging demands on time while remaining flexible to their needs. Our dedication to our customers defines our corporate culture and drives our mutual successes.

Innovation is woven into our culture. We hold key patents in voice biometrics authentication and closely align R&D with business strategy. We are entrepreneurs that pioneer innovative solutions to customer and industry problems on a global scale. We forge alliances with the world’s leading research centers and scientists in voice biometrics. We create a resourceful and collaborative environment where new and unique ideas are encouraged that make remote identity verification more secure and convenient for the world.

Team Work
Team work and cooperation are essential to our success as a company and as individuals. We work together in a constructive and challenging atmosphere that fosters learning and high performance for our clients. We operate a global presence to establish relationships with international clients based on trust, respect, and mutual support.

Hermann Geupel

Managing Director

Hermann leads the European sales and global patent activities, and joined VoiceTrust in 2002 . He developed key partnerships with IBM, T-Systems, and Capgemini and has made VoiceTrust the leading authentication provider in Germany. Previously, Hermann developed business opportunities and managed key accounts in Central Europe’s digital signature industry. Hermann has a degree in mechanical engineering, an MBA, and holds a PhD in patent law from the Technical University of Munich.

Bettina Stearn

Managing Director

Bettina is responsible for all operations and marketing within Europe and joined VoiceTrust in 2002 as a member of the customer support team. She then joined the quality assurance team where she became Head of Software Testing. She performed professional services for European customers as a technical consultant, and established a quality management system with ISO certification. She also lead VoiceTrust to achieve the world’s first Common Criteria Certification for a biometrics software product. Prior to VoiceTrust, Bettina was a member of the web design team in AED-SICAD for 2 years. Bettina has a degree in geo-science, geo-informatics, and remote sensing from the University of Munich.

Jan Nitecki

Director of Technology

Jan leads the scientific and technological division of the company and joined in 2010. Prior to VoiceTrust, he was the architect and creator of the biggest regional payment gateway in the Middle East. Jan also served in the gaming industry and was responsible for artificial intelligence and networking where he won several awards for real-time strategies. He is highly interested in new technologies and frequently engages in proof of concept activities and business proposals. Jan holds a Master’s degree in Science.

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