Verify your customers and employees more securely and faster than ever before with our biometric authentication technology. Our solutions address the unique security, user experience, and total cost of ownership requirements of your business.

Our authentication solutions are available in both hosted and on-premise models and deliver significant benefits in security, user experience, and cost savings.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect login access to user applications with a layer of voice and/or face authentication that enhances enterprise security and meets your unique security requirements across web, mobile, and desktop.

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Mobile Banking Security

Make digital banking & online transactions safer with additional biometric authentication layers.
Whether you need to protect the application login or need to verify identity for transactions exceeding a certain amount, our technology can support you in reducing fraud and help prevent identity theft.

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IOT Authentication

Let customers make use of biometric authentication when handling digital appliances, vehicles, locks, homes or devices. Provide extra functionality such as safeguarding information, personalizing profiles and offering payment methods.

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Automated Password Reset

Provide self-service password resets to your customers and employees. Save $5-$15 for each request and deflect up to 95% of password-related helpdesk inquiries.

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Prevent pension fraud and remotely authenticate your pensioners with the world’s first end-to-end verification and government-to-person (G2P) payment platform.

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Contact Center Authentication

Reduce call center fraud and provide a more secure and convenient authentication experience to your customers that reduces average call length by 20 seconds.

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