IOT Authentication

Any device, vehicle or appliance that is connected to the Internet of Things, should be able to make purchases, provide access or safeguard information. Instead of passwords or PINs, use biometrics for better security and user experience.

Security Comes First

Through the Internet of Things, it’s now possible to connect locks, homes, appliances, automobiles, health trackers, phones and more to the internet. All of these extra options, which have increased freedom, do come at a risk because all user-data is now connected needs to stay secure. The solution is biometric authentication. Secure anything with biometrics – that way, you not only authenticate by what you know or have, but also with what you are.


Enhance Usability

It’s annoying when you have a phone, health tracker, personal assistant or lock who can’t recognize when you are you. Especially when the appliances themselves are voice-based. This comes to an end by embedding the VoiceTrust SDK. Users can be recognized, verified and authenticated based on their unique speech which opens up a world of possibilities.


Eliminate Fraud

New technologies are always prone to fraudulent use. Usually, we see what fraudsters do and then combat that with new security measures. With the use of biometric technology however, we don’t have to wait. You can implement biometric technology today and make it so much harder for anyone to manipulate your data, credentials, personal information or anything else. Use biometrics in combination with a first- and second- factor and you’re golden. Never lose data or become a victim of fraud again.

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