Mobile Banking Security

Voice- and Face biometrics help you create additional layers of security to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. In addition, many researches including a VISA study of 2016, highlight that the majority of consumers want to make use of biometrics when making payments. While online payments are steadily on the rise, customers would truly benefit and increase their trust in a payments app if they offer advanced security measures such as biometrics.

Easy User Experience

Payments apps often have difficulty introducing a SSO because of the sensitive data contained within the app. As an alternative; swiping patterns and fingerprint biometrics are used. Let your customers choose what type of biometrics they would like to add by offering voice and face authentication. Biometric logins often reduce login time and opposed to the traditional username and password, you never lose your password. You are your password.

Second- or Third- Factor Authentication

Applications are the most secure when they combine the following authentication methods: 1) something you know 2) something you have 3) something you are. Where 1. Is currently covered by the traditional username and password and 2. Is covered by SMS OTPs, number 3. Should be biometrics such as voice or face login. Add VoiceTrust biometrics to your current authentication methods to significantly increase your mobile banking security – especially for special transactions or hyper-secure data.

Generate Significant Cost Savings

Leverage new technology to improve acquisition, retention and conversion rate. With voice & face biometrics, your customers are happier which directly impacts your business growth.

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