Multi-Factor Authentication

Voice- and Face biometrics provide a security layer that prevents unauthorized account logins, reduces your exposure to data breaches, and delivers a convenient login experience to your end-users across web, mobile, and desktop applications.

A Better User Experience

Applications with sensitive data can often not make use of SSO and usually require complex passwords. Customers and employees, especially within the enterprise, can get frustrated with remembering, typing and storing such passwords. Biometric login can help your customers and employees by providing a safe second- or third-factor authentication method which they will much prefer.


Stronger Authentication and Application Security

The last thing any enterprise needs is a high-profile data breach. Take Uber; it can take months if not years to recover. Protect your business applications and users with an additional layer of security that uses a person’s voice or face to verify their identity and prevent unauthorized access to their accounts. Prevent unauthorized account access and data breaches that are expensive to recover from, damage brand reputations impacting sales and costly litigation.


Generate Compelling Cost Savings

Multi-Factor authentication leads to higher user retention, acquisition and conversion rates that make you more cost-effective. A Mastercard study showed that biometrics have a significantly lower abandonment rate than OTPs for example. Make use of these opportunities and grow your business significantly.

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