Password Reset

Automate password resets in your helpdesk with biometrics and security questions to increase enterprise security, deliver a faster authentication experience to customer and employees, and realize an ROI typically within one year.

Enhance IT and Helpdesk Security

Millions of personal identity records are compromised each year through data breaches that include email addresses, passwords, and PINs. Protect your customers and employees with a multi-factor password reset for stronger security and authentication.


Make Password Resets More Convenient

Empower your customers and employees to reset their passwords without the involvement of a help desk agent. Save them from having to remember security questions or PINs that are easily lost or shared. Reliably authenticate your users anywhere and anytime with a simple spoken passphrase, a selfie or security questions.


Achieve A Compelling ROI

About 30% of calls to the help desk involve routine password resets that are costly and time-consuming. Save an average of $5-$15 per request by automating the process and authenticating your customers and employees faster. Significantly reduce inbound requests to your help desk and achieve an ROI typically within one year.



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