Voice- and Face biometrics protects your pension fund against fraud and identity theft to save costs and deliver a faster, more convenient end-to-end authentication and payment process to your pensioners.

Prevent Pension Fraud and Overpayments

Pension funds are commonly exposed to fraudulent claimants and overpayments. Family members of deceased pensioners exploit weak authentication such as PINs to collect the payments themselves. Proof-of-Life® securely verifies the identity and liveness of pensioners with a spoken passphrase or selfie via standard phone or smartphone to prevent fraud and save costs.

Generate Cost Savings and Efficiency

Long lineups can occur at payment locations each time funds are disbursed because recipients must be physically present for authentication. Proof-of-Life® remotely verifies each recipient from anywhere using their identity to shorten lineups and reduce the workload on front-line and back-office staff to streamline your operations.

Deliver Convenient Authentication to Pensioners

Save your elderly and disabled pensioners the hassle of commuting to a pick-up location and waiting in line each time they need to receive their payment. Proof-of-Life® remotely authenticates your pensioners via a landline or mobile phone for a faster and more secure fund disbursement process they will appreciate.

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