Voicetrust transformed itself from being a password-reset IT solution provider in the early 2000s to a full stack authentication provider. Today we offer a full range of in-house developed technology, from low level speech processing SDKs up to telephony integration and workflow and business rule engines.

Our technology is used by Fortune 500 Companies in North America and Europe from various industries. Any company that deals with sensitive data and many end-users, such as banks, insurances, telcos, governmental agencies or software companies benefits from increasing their security and user-experience with our biometric technology.

Application Delivery Platform

Workflow and business rule engine that drives our end-to-end solutions
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Authentication Platform

Our multi-modal authentication platform is the core of our solutions
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Call-Centre extension

Extension to our biometric platform for seamless integration into the modern call-centre
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Active Voice Authentication SDK

Our text-dependent & text-prompted voice authentication engine for on-device or server usage
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Passive Voice Authentication SDK

Our text-independent voice authentication engine tailored for passive solutions
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Face Authentication SDK

Our Deep Neural Network based face authentication engine
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Speech Technologies

Voicetrust also developed further speech technologies that are used in our solutions such as:

  • Small vocabulary ASR: Many of our IVR based telephony solutions require automatic speech recognition for user id input, confirmations, system selections etc. For our main languages we trained our own state-of-the-art speech recognition technology
  • SIP telephony server: Voicetrust developed its own SIP telephony server to connect the customer telephony infrastructure to our VTADP application server. This way we deploy our systems nowadays without any commercial 3rd party technologies involved
  • Diarization tool: Diarization is the process of defining who speaks when in a conversation. This technology is required for disentangling archived telephony calls for automatic batch enrollments or other speech processing

These technologies are mainly used as part of our higher-level solutions but are also available as stand-alone products.

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