Application Delivery Platform

VTADP is Voicetrust’s flexible application delivery platform to integrate the workflows and business rules needed for the solution. It features:

  • Call management
  • User interaction
  • Business rules, workflows and reporting
  • Extensible verification
  • Notifications

It supports voice as well as web-service based communication. It allows to directly connect to existing IVR systems or even directly to the companie’s telephony infrastructure. ADPs speech enabled IVR functionalities make additional IVR software redundant.

Similar, direct connection to apps or other web-based applications is possible via VTADP’s web-service interfaces.

All workflows and business rules can be composed in ourt Workflow Designer and can be easily maintained and expanded.

VTADP comes with its own API service, graphical management interface and documentation.

VTADP powers not only voice based solutions, but also our knowledge based platform, allowing for traditional question and answer type of systems.

Key Features

  • Voice (SIP and VXML) and web-service channels (SOAP and Rest)
  • Notifiactions via web, SMS, email, outbound call, etc.
  • Fully speech enabled IVR functionality (Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech)
  • Graphical management interface
  • On premise or cloud deployment

Key Benefits

  • Powerful graphical workflows and business rules
  • Enables realization of speech or web enabled applications
  • No external IVR or speech technology needed
  • Easy maintenace of workflows and business rules

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