Authentication Platform

VTAssure encapsulates all functionality needed to perform biometric operations in an enterprise environment such as:

  • Biometric data storage and encryption
  • User management
  • Enrolment configuration management
  • Authentication configuration management
  • Administration and monitoring

All biometric data (audio, features, templates, logs) are stored in databases and are encrypted by a multi-level PKI infrastructure approach.

Users are stored by our anonymous claimant concept where only a unique hash-code is stored within VTAssure’s database. All sensitive user information is decoupled from the biometric templates.

Enrollment and authentication configurations allow for easy setup and maintenance of different security requirements. Different thresholds, passphrases or languages can be configured and selected using a configuration identifier.

All events on the platform can be monitored and administrated via graphical tools or separate APIs, supporting different management permission levels.

All functionalities are exposed via Rest or SOAP based web-service APIs with full documentation available.

Key Features

  • Challenge-and-repsonse webservice API and documentation, separate reporting API
  • Biometric profiles and configurations
  • User management and template encryption
  • Graphical management interface
  • On premise or cloud deployment

Key Benefits

  • All biometric engines available in one common platform
  • Separate decision policies for different use cases and business rules
  • Anonymous user management and secure storage

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